The S30 = Oprah’s 2014 Favorite Things!

We hope you are having a fantastic, prosperous holiday season.  As the year comes to a close, I wanted to let you know some exciting news!

The S30 was chosen one of Oprah’s 2014 Favorite Things!

Please click on the link below to get yours !


A gift to my beloved friends, family and clients!

Happy Holidays! We are all ready for a 3 day Organic Reboot so here you go….

Master for png GaneshOut of the cleanse business I have searched high and low for an EASY ORGANIC FRESH PRESSED HIGH ENZYME CLEANSE for all of us. I’ve sipped the most disgusting toxic beautifully labeled bottles claiming health and happiness…really there are awful sugary seductive options out there so beware!


As a gift to my beloved friends, family and clients I have arranged a STEEP discount that is available to you Dec 6th -January 31st.
Go to
Use Coupon Code: “spreadthelove”

BUY it for yourself, as a gift to people whose health you care about. At this price its a win/win even if you choose to simply add juices to your [Read more…]

Move a Muscle… Change a Feeling

Drop the suit, kick off the heels. Unravel and jump in the mud!
It’s good to get sweaty, dirty, abandon the persona and unravel-Play!

Working it out in the gym, woods, yoga mat, crossfit; You’re already working (playing) hard so work (play) harder…already dirty so get dirtier.. already sweaty so get sweatier…already have to wash your gym clothes so give it everything you’ve got!

Regular exercise is a vital part of any successful health plan.
Mixing it up, (different exercise routines) trains the body to let go of excess fat while building up more muscle tissue.
As adults play time is the first to go from a to do list and yet studies show its imperative to a happy life! Schedule in & protect your play time.

“What do most Nobel Laureates, innovative entrepreneurs, artists and performers, well-adjusted children, happy couples and families, and the most successfully adapted mammals have in common? They play enthusiastically throughout their lives.”~ Stuart Brown, Institute of Play [Read more…]

Got Stress?

Reduce anxiety & stress through practical meditation techniques. this course is designed for athletes, professionals, parents or anyone who experiences daily stress and demands placed on their time.

Reduce anxiety & stress through practical meditation techniques. This experiential course is designed for athletes, professionals, students, parents or anyone who experiences stress



Kate is an authentic whole hearted and effective teacher with decades of experience. I am honored to be taking this course along with many friends and clients. A daily short meditation practice has profound positive effects on  health, work & athletic performance, levels of happiness, patience, interpersonal skills …etc etc. All good! I hope you’ll join Kate and I in this 8 week journey. Please note most people cannot make all 8 sessions or the one full day so Kate has options. No worries.

Location is the shoreline crossfit building in a spacious comfy carpeted  room perfectly suited to meditation. Its going to be yummy-dont miss this convenient opportunity to learn from  a local gem, Kate Mitcheom.

A course in mindful eating

coming soon


Soulful Cleanse ‘Experience’

Registration is now open for February pre-cleanse & March 5 day reboot!   Per clients requests we  have added a Guided Mindful Eating Segment  Wednesday evening of cleanse week. Pre-requisite to payment is health history form, (unless you did last cleanse). peeps really enjoyed pre-cleanse option as they were ablt to drop in with ease and go  deeper over the 5 day soulful cleanse.

Happy New Year to all. Blessings and love, Kai

Here is all of the info and link:


NEW! Soulful Cleanse Experience-A course in mindful eating

Nourishing Habits

“Soulful  Cleanse Experience”

begins June 2013

A catalyst for long term positive change

Personal Yoga Sessions

Mindful Eating~Mindful Living


“I honor the place in you which the whole universe dwells. I honor the place in you seeking greater health and happiness. As we heal ourselves we heal the world”

Cleanse options

Ct’s Best Cleanse has met up with Juice Maniacs to offer you the best ever Cleanse!

 Easy. Convenient. Energizing.

I’ve been looking for a team to create the superior cleanses you’ve grown to love.

Juice Maniacs Fresh Pressed, blended and cooked cleanse is full of uplifting goodness designed for busy lives. Peak cellular nutrition to sustain vs. drain.

Increase energy, focus, restful sleep (like a baby), hydrate cells, clear up skin, create healthy habits and re-educate your palette. Sign up today to reap the many benefits of this cleanse.

5 days of glorious hydrating juices, nut milks, chia pudding, creamy soups and smoothies. Menu changes daily. Daily email support and inspirational daily practices.

Save the date!
Meeting Dec 8th  7pm

Tips for a powerful cleanse & soulful journey

Pickup food at meeting Sunday 12/8     7pm
Second Pickup Wednesday 12/11  6-8pm

Simplify Simplify Simplify

Buy Kai’s prep package of Revitalizing greens & get 1 Bonus drink free! One time deal for registered cleansers! Available for pickup on December 1st 7pm Guilford

Our most powerful and popular drink is the Revitalizing Fresh Pressed Juice containing approx. 2 pounds (!) of high enzyme organic vegetables.

Special link for pre-cleanse special (above) and 5 day cleanse will be sent upon receipt of health history. Max 25 people

Gluten free

dairy free

100% organic

Paleo approved

sign up today!
5 day Cleanse 12/9-13th
Price $399  payable to “Juice Maniacs”

*Completion of Health history indicates your interest in signing up for this cleanse. Please go to for health history/eligibility form.

Nutrition & Yoga Services
Rituals for a better life


chakra expansion

Nourishing Nugget Newsletter


michelangelo's David

Thank you to yoga students and nutrition clients that have subscribed to the Nourishing Nugget Newsletter. I honor the teacher in all of us as we learn from one another.  You will find quotes of wisdom from a course I am currently taking with author, professor Tal Ben-Shahar.  It’s called Positive Psychology and is completely aligned with the mission of Nourishing Habits LLC. I am practicing to manifest my ideas for a broader audience as well as become a happier human being. I hope you’ll join me in practicing old tools in a new way; each one gleans deep insight and grace. 

When Michaleanglo was asked about how he created his sculpture of David he told of going to the quarry and upon seeing a block of marble “… in this marble i saw David, and all i needed to do was take that piece of marble and chip away the excess stone…”. To take away all that was not him.

Yogis: Is that not our goal as well? To come back again and again to our true essence. Who are we in a given situation, in life’s transitions…we practice on the mat and off. Michaleangelo was a genius because he saw that seed of greatness in a block of marble.  “
Henry David Thoreau “The soul grows by subtraction not addition.”
A few thousand years earlier “In pursuit of knowledge, every day something is acquired; in pursuit of wisdom, every day something is dropped.” Lao Tzu

…”We are in the know about ourselves. we can see in ourselves, and chip away the excess.  The joy, the love, is inside each of us, sometimes it’s obscured. it’s hidden, sometimes very deeply, but it’s still there, always for everyone. Imagine walking around and seeing that every person you see has a metaphorical david within them.  A beautiful, powerful, loving, joyful self.” Tal Ben-Shahar

Yogis: We cultivate empathy by first acknowledging what we feel.
Let’s continue to practice together.

See you on the mat and off

Love to all,