I believe technology should support you, not wear you out!

I believe technology should support you, not wear you out!

Nina Hersher - Founder

Nina Hersher is a leading expert in Digital Wellness, holding a specialized MSW from Washington University in St. Louis in norms of connectivity and reconceptualizing human development in the 21st century. Hersher is Co-founder and CEO of the Digital Wellness Collective, a curated network of digital wellness organizations collaborating to enhance human relationships through the intentional use and development of technology. Hersher is also founder of Nourishing Habits™ coaching and seminars, dedicated to best practices in mental health and self-care in the digital age. Her coaching specializes in best practices in digital productivity and well-being for balanced living. Hersher is an international speaker and tech advisor, holding additional credentials as an Oasis in the Overwhelm Facilitator, Teen Outreach Program Facilitator, and meditation teacher. Hersher views digital wellness as the intersection of technology usage and mental health and is dedicated to educational impact in the digital age.

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  • Oasis In the Overwhelm™ Facilitator

  • StressLess Program Implementation Specialist 

  • Teen Outreach Program® Facilitator

  • JourneyDance™ Facilitator, Level 3

  • Meditation and Reiki 1 Certified

  • MSW, Washington University in St. Louis, individualized: Norms of Connectivity, re-conceptualizing human development in the 21st century.

  • B.A. Sociology, Double Minor: Conflict and Co- existence Studies, Social Justice and Social Policy, Brandeis University


David Klein - Consultant

David Klein is an entrepreneur, coach and mentor who works with youth and young adults to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. After spending over a decade as Founder and Executive Director of his successful brand, Legends Baseball, David knows that combining strong relationships with positive, holistic programming is the key to cultivating a growth mindset and ultimately unlocking potential.

In 2018, David launched America Offline and has been hosting digital mindfulness focus groups, workshops and community events to raise awareness about the harms of digital overuse and to learn how to positively change tech usage habits for people of all ages. In March of 2019 David facilitated the first digital wellness retreat of its kind, Legends Unplugged, for 14-15 year old athletes at Little Basin in Santa Cruz.

David has created innovative holistic programming for kids and young adults at every level, from 6 year olds to professional athletes. Coaching over 5,000 aspiring athletes, David has developed over 50 players who have moved on to sign professional contracts. In 2018, the Positive Coaching Alliance selected David from a pool of 800 coaches to receive their prestigious National Double-Goal Coach Award for his work in teaching life lessons to youth. His podcast “A Legends Life”, which focused applying valuable lessons from sports to everyday life, was a top ranked podcast in the iTunes store in 2016. David holds a Communications degree from UC Santa Barbara with a double minor in Exercise and Sports Studies, and Technology Entrepreneurship.

Nourishing Habits - Our story 


Nourishing Habits™ LLC was established in Guilford, Connecticut by Karen Hersher, who named it for her daughter Nina's initials, N.H. As Karen launched Nourishing Habits™, she rooted the company's offerings in nutrition, massage therapy and fitness. Raising Nina, Karen taught her daughter the value of healthy habits for optimal happiness and physical health. Karen observed how her daughter maintained a calm and organized nature as the world swirled around her. Nina wanted to become a therapist when she was a teenager, and told her mom the world seemed stressed out and people needed more help to nourish their habits.

Karen encouraged Nina, who went on to pursue her Master of Social Work degree, individualizing in Digital Culture and Program Development, focusing on people's wellbeing in an era of technological overstimulation. Karen, similarly concerned about the increasing epidemic of chronic stress, pursued her certificate in positive psychology.

This mother and daughter duo strived to help clients achieve a sense of balance as the pace of modern life sped up and evolved. Nourishing Habits™ evolved too; in 2016 Karen and Nina trained together to become Oasis in the Overwhelm™ Facilitators, learning powerful strategies for promoting balance in a busy world.

In 2017, Nina formally adopted and expanded Nourishing Habits™ on the west coast as Karen started a new offering in Connecticut. Karen continues to focus on positive psychology and nutrition coaching, and Nina lives outside of San Francisco offering digital wellness coaching and seminars.